Politics in Cameroon: Marie Ododi Boaba, female leadership

Marie Ododi Boaba is a young Cameroonian leader with an atypical profile who is gradually making her mark on the country’s political scene.

Originally from Bokito in the Mbam and Inoubou’s division, central region of Cameroon, the Vice-Chairwoman of the Central Regional Office of the Cameroonian Democratic Front (CDF) is positioning herself as a new hope in her native Mbam.

Starting out as a cultural mediator, Marie Ododi Boaba, an active member of the ‘’Association des Jeunes Filles Kedia‘’ (Kedia Young Girls’ Association), has already succeeded in getting the sons and daughters of the Bokito district and the whole division to agree. Since 2018, this worthy daughter of Mbam and Inoubou has resolutely positioned herself on all national and even international stages of women’s leadership.

A keen sense of dialogue

This is one of the young businesswoman’s key assets. Entrepreneurial and resolutely focused on her political commitments, the Young Leader 2023 of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung has always used debate as a major weapon in conflict resolution. Gifted with a flair for dialogue and exchange, the former student of the Lycée Bilingue de Bafia easily goes out to meet the young men and women of her region for discussions.

Being a likely candidate in the forthcoming legislative and municipal elections in Cameroon, the woman who is currently taking part in the “Young Candidates” programme run by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung-Cameroon Foundation is already setting the tone. Her message, more committed than ever, calls on the people, and especially the youth, to discern and awaken. In fact, on 28 May 2024, it took part in the African Forum on the Social Solidarity Economy held in Yaoundé.

Human rights, her call

A promoter and lover of human rights, the young human resources manager trumpets her principle of life to anyone who will listen. ‘’I advocate peace and lasting security throughout the world. We need to harness the power of education, science and culture to bring out the best in our common humanity. We must encourage mutual dialogue and respect for human rights”, says Ododi Boaba.

These words, which call on people to unite, while inviting them to cultivate oblative love, are full of meaning for her people. Endorsed by her people, the former student of the Lycée Bilingue d’Essos in Yaoundé is already fine-tuning her strategies on the ground. 

An asset for the CDF

Her ability to mobilise remains immeasurable. The ‘Mama’a’ of the young, as she is affectionately known, has always shown herself to be a decisive force when it comes to mobilisation.

The young fighter, who remains a decisive candidate against Cameroon’s ruling party in the forthcoming elections, intends, along with other leaders of her party, to organise capacity-building seminars open to other young women and mass registrations on electoral lists. Will the female voice of the CDF president’s young candidate be heard?


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